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Det civila samhället i socialstaten

Sociological Endeavor

Sociologins följeslagare

Vårt land - den svenska socialstaten



 ValueScope, Stockholm, Sweden

is the home of the intellectual activities of its partners, Karin Busch Zetterberg, a sociologist and survey researcher, and Hans L Zetterberg, a sociologist, opinion analyst, and publicist.

We have a special  commercial research product, The Consumer Valuescope, a monitor of human values tested worldwide. Since 2004 this product is the only research for which we accept consultations.

Our History: 

During 1993-2003 ValueScope AB was a consultancy on social research assisting  survey researchers in government, universities, and marketing with survey design and analysis. Being a small corporation with large networks,  ValueScope assisted practitioners and end-users of social research. We helped coordinate both international and national studies.

With survey research -
you get  exclusive statistical facts. We designed and tested questionnaires. We helped in the purchase of fieldwork and tabulation. We interpreted the results using attractive graphics, and, if necessary, advanced statistical methods. We created presentations and wrote detailed reports. Check examples of our
 Quantitative Research.

With group discussions -
you get understanding and meaning. We assisted in arranging focus groups. We helped develop efficient interview guides. Check our Qualitative Research.
We have had some special products, (in addition to The Consumer Valuescope which we still manage), for example:
The Invisible Contract
Employee surveys at their best, to give coworkers who do their best.
The Brand Protection
Surveys to protect investments in the name of a business and its brands. May also be used in courts.
The Training of Market Researchers
An expanding branch needs training programs. We sat them up.

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